Water penetrates the building envelope through the roof of a building at a speed of about 1.5 gallons per second. This is an issue that the world needs to worry about, but the scale of the leak is far smaller than the number of leaks we have come across in the past. If left unattended, the source of the water leak can cause significant structural damage, often requiring very expensive component removal. Properly designed gutters are one of the best ways to avoid basement leaks due to poor roof drainage. Play around with the angle and type of soil on your foundation to keep it dry, but avoid landscaping that keeps the ground next to the house. Soils laid out to the edge of flower beds are beautiful and can prevent water from draining out of the foundation. By draining the water out of the house and removing the source of the leachate, you can leave it outside forever while you remove it. Do you believe what you are being told, that improper roof drainage is the number one cause of leaking basements?