This is a dedicated service that we intend to offer throughout Pakistan, and we use plastic and chemical solutions to help our customers stay clear of mold that self-generates by storing water in cracks in the walls. Whether concrete walls or tiles, the solutions from RCS Roof Heat Company offer protection against mould and water interference. Our experts in the company offer the best service for leakage treatment of bathrooms using modern chemicals for dismantling tiles, walls and bathrooms. Water pipes, canals, and pipelines are vulnerable to leaks because they are most likely to leak in their joints. Coating chemicals not only fill the joints of bathrooms and sewers, but also reduce blockages in the pipes. The best way to shortlist the type of leak in a bathroom is to look at the leaks in the ceiling and downstairs. If the leak looks like a damp patch that dries out and re-emerges, it is probably a drain pipe.